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Our New Colonial Herb Garden

Jul 6, 2022 | News & Announcements

The Friends of Happy Retreat are proud to show off their new Colonial Herb Garden thanks to the great work of our local NSDAR Bee Line Chapter Registrar Heidi Ware’s planning and managing with the assistance of the Chapter Historian, Darla Treat Courtney. Along with help from our in house Gardener Bill Senseney and Master Gardener Robin Huyett Thomas. The garden was started last year and is now well on it’s way with many herbs that were familiar to our Washington Family in the 1700s.

Just to name a few of the herbs, the garden will have a Culinary Section with herbs like Chives, Mint, Rosemary and Thyme. A Medicinal Section with Bee Balm, Borage, Feverfew and Yarrow. The household Section will have Artemisia, Lavender, Rue and Sweet Woodruff to name a few. The Garden will also have a boarder of Old-Fashion Climbing Roses and will be fenced in.